Hello, everyone! I don’t know where to start, but I have to give flight to my imagination and to put all these feelings into words, so that I can share with you a little part of my soul. I guess many of you are here because you saw and heard me on Andrei’s YouTube channel, aspiring to do my personal best in covering some of the most popular rock songs, bringing into the light, some  dark and hidden emotions from a sensitive heart. But I guess you all have been wondering who I really am? Who is the person behind the screen, behind the tiny body and the big smile?

I discovered my passion when I was eight,  singing in front of my pink Barbie dolls using my hairbrush as a microphone. I still remember my idol was Hannah Montana. I loved her so much that I wanted to become like her, to have the best of both worlds: to be an ordinary girl by day and a rock-star by night. Then, time flew away and I grew up to be a self-believer and ambitious person, with more realistic goals. I learned that dreams don’t become reality through magic, and that the harder you work for something you have faith in, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. I started to take music seriously at sixteen, when I took my first singing lessons.

In 2014, after years of singing and practicing, I met Andrei Cerbu, while he was on “Romania’s Got Talent” and, from that point, I wanted to collaborate with him. Then I got the opportunity to join his Heavy Metal band, “The Iron Cross”, which in the end proved to be a challenge for me,  but nothing in this world will stop me from singing. In 2017, The Iron Cross  released it’s first album, and they plan to release the second album in 2020. Besides singing, I am attending Law school as a full time student.

Now, I don’t even think about success, nah ah. I believe that it’s all about improving myself day by day. I am my only limit. There will always be obstacles, there will always be people that will put you down, telling you to quit, but music will always raise you and wash all the negativity away!  To me, music is basically the only one that understands me. I have been told that I’m complicated, and that I might be overreacting every time, but music has always been there for me. It has taught me everything: the good, the bad, the beauty, the pain, and showed me who I really am. You will surely discover me if you listen closely to my music, I think it will tell you everything you need to know.

May your day be filled with positive thoughts and happy moments!

Kisses. Andreea 


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